Geoviro Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD)

Ground improvement with vertical drains has been an accepted practice for improving soft clay deposits. The time required for the settlement to occur is considerably reduced as the length of the drainage path through soil are reduced by using Vertical drains. The Vertical drains are required to have high permeability and sufficiently high drainage capacity to disperse the increase in pore water pressure rapidly. The water flows freely towards surface along the drain. Geoviro PVD is a composite of an inner core wrapped in with non-woven geotextile fiber fabric. The inner cores are made of polypropylene and the filter fabrics are of polypropylene or polyester.
 Land reclamation projects  Development of industrial sites and housing.
 Ports and harbour construction  Construction of highways, railways, airelds and dykes
 Mitigation of liquefaction

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